Nicor Gas Meter Modernization Reaches 1 Million Installation Milestone

In July, Nicor Gas celebrated the installation of the one millionth two-way communication device as part of the Meter Modernization program. Nicor Gas’ Meter Modernization program is one of several investments the company is making to improve customer communication and experience, and the reliability of meter reading and billing, ensuring every customer's energy needs are met safely and reliably now and well into the future.

Meter Modernization involves installing small, two-way communication devices on existing natural gas meters throughout Nicor Gas’ service territory. These two-way communication devices feature state-of-the art technology that will automate the meter reading process and securely send it to Nicor Gas.

This automation will enhance the customer experience by helping to eliminate estimated meter reads and providing more timely and accurate data about their energy usage, enabling energy- and cost-savings decisions. The ability to read meters without the need for a field visit will also simplify the process of moving properties and reduce the expense and environmental impact of service vehicles on the road.

“We’re committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable, affordable natural gas for our customers, our neighbors and our communities,” said Pat Whiteside, vice president of business support at Nicor Gas. “Continued deployment of the advanced metering infrastructure technologies across the Nicor Gas system is a key step toward building a state-of-the-art natural gas delivery system for northern Illinois.”

The Meter Modernization program began in 2018 and installation of the two-way communication devices to all 2.2 million customers served by Nicor Gas is expected by 2020.