EEI Board of Directors Endorses Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

The Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) Board of Directors endorsed a new EEI Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Commitment during its June meeting in San Diego. The EEI commitment builds on D&I programs and work already underway at electric companies across the country. By supporting the EEI commitment, EEI member companies have agreed to develop a 3-year D&I plan, which incorporates initiatives and metrics to improve overall D&I results, and have pledged to take specific actions to advance this important initiative or to confirm that they already have taken these actions.

“Having a diverse and inclusive workforce that mirrors the communities we serve benefits our customers, our employees, and our businesses,” said EEI Chairman Pat Vincent-Collawn. “As an industry, we have made great progress, and I believe we’re ready to raise the bar even higher. Adoption of this commitment is a positive step forward in enhancing and advancing D&I in our companies and throughout our industry.”
The electric power industry is leading a profound transformation in the way that energy is generated, delivered, and used. As part of this transformation, EEI’s member companies are investing more than $100 billion each year to build smarter energy infrastructure and to transition to even cleaner generation sources. The industry also is working to build the next-generation energy workforce – one with diverse, highly skilled, and qualified employees capable of delivering on the responsibility to meet customers’ evolving energy needs.
To help increase awareness of the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce and to reinforce best practices within the industry and others, EEI will be creating a D&I online resource center of best practices, projects, and successful strategies for member companies to continue their outreach and education efforts. Additionally, EEI will work with the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) to develop tools and resources for member companies that feature strategies focused on retention programs, as well as pipeline projects in K-12, post-secondary education partnerships, and accelerated learning programs (boot camps) to facilitate a diverse talent pipeline. EEI also will facilitate information sharing among member companies and industry partners through CEWD.