Governor Pritzker Appoints Two New ICC Commissioners

  Governor JB Pritzker has appointed Carrie Zalewski and Maria Bocanegra as Commissioners at the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

Acting Commissioner Zalewski is an accomplished, well-respected attorney with extensive public service as a state regulator. She has served on the Illinois Pollution Control Board since 2009, where she helped decide complex environmental cases under the Illinois Environmental Protection Act, shaped critical rulemaking and worked to properly balance the interests of Illinois businesses and residents while protecting Illinois’ land, air, and water. She was appointed under Democratic and Republican governors and earned the respect of her peers and stakeholders directly involved in Board decisions.

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Utilities United Against Scams Continues to Raise Awareness of Utility Scams

   It is National Consumer Protection Week, and Utilities United Against Scams (UUAS) is continuing its efforts to educate customers on how they can guard against falling victim to imposter utility scams. UUAS is supporting the Federal Trade Commission’s week-long advocacy and awareness campaign by reinforcing its efforts to expose the tactics scammers use to steal money from utility customers and educating customers on how to protect themselves.

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General Assembly Finalizes Committee Memberships

   Both chambers of the 101st Illinois General Assembly have now finalized their Committees and Committee memberships, and there are changes in both committee leadership and personnel from the previous General Assembly.

In the State Senate, Sen. Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago) is the new Chair of the Energy & Public Utilities Committee, replacing Sen. Michael Hastings (D-Frankfort) who has moved on to Chair the Senate Executive Committee.  Sen. Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) will continue to serve as Vice-Chair of the Committee and Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Peru) will remain Republican Spokesperson.  The size of the committee has been increased to 16 Democrats and 8 Republicans.

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AGA Chair: American’s Natural Gas Utilities are Committed to Safety, Resilience and Innovation

James P. Torgerson, 2019 Chair of the American Gas Association (AGA) and CEO of AVANGRID INC. spoke at a breakfast event for media at AGA Headquarters on December 7th where he shared his thoughts on the im-portance of America’s natural gas utilities.

"More Americans enjoy the benefits of our abundance of natural gas today than ever before and they have learned to depend on the safe and re-liable service that AGA members provide,” Torgerson said. “Natural gas will continue to be there when our customers need it and we are doing the necessary research and innovation to maintain natural gas as an essential part of a clean energy future."

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EEI Celebrates 1 Million Electric Vehicles on U.S. Roads

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) recently hosted an event that brought together automakers, electric company leaders, infrastructure providers, environmental organizations, customers, policymakers, and others to mark the milestone of 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) now on U.S. roads and to discuss what’s ahead for electric transportation at The Newseum in Washington, D.C. About 20 speakers from all parts of the EV ecosystem provided remarks throughout the event. Discussion topics included the electric company role; how automakers are moving the EV market forward; transit, technology, and transportation infrastructure; the role of policymakers, regulators, and environmental groups; fleet electrification; and industry initiatives to support EV deployment.

Electric transportation is a win-win. It meets customer needs, provides environmental benefits, and supports America’s energy security.

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Illinois Democrats Sweep Midterm Election

Illinois Democratic candidates had a very successful Election Night after the November 6th Mid-term Election. The existence of a so-called Blue Wave may have been questionable on the national level (House yes; Senate no), but it was certainly on display in The Land of Lincoln.

JB Pritzker handily defeated incumbent Republican Governor Bruce Rauner to restore the Democrats to the Executive Mansion. His running mate, current State Representative Julianna Stratton, will become Lt. Governor in January.

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EPA Proposes Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule

   On August 21, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a new rule to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from existing coal-fired electric utility generating units and power plants across the country. This proposal, entitled the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule, establishes emission guidelines for states to use when developing plans to limit GHGs at their power plants.  According to US EPA The ACE Rule replaced the prior administration’s overly prescriptive and burdensome Clean Power Plan (CPP) and instead empowers states, promotes energy independence, and facilitates economic growth and job creation

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FERC Requires Expanded Cyber Security Incident Reporting

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has directed the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) to develop, within six-months of the effective date of its final rule, modifications to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Reliability Standards to improve mandatory reporting of cyber security incidents, including attempts that might facilitate subsequent efforts to harm reliable operation of the nation’s bulk electric system.

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ICC Requests Utilities to Share Price to Compare on All Electric Bills

   In order to better educate consumers about the price they are paying for their electricity supply, the Illinois Commerce Commission is calling for more prominent disclosure of the electric Price to Compare. The Commission’s Office of Retail Market Development (ORMD) is requesting that regulated utilities, including ComEd and Ameren, display the Price to Compare on monthly electric bills for residential and small commercial retail customers.

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