Weekly Legislative Summary – March 10th, 2017

The House and Senate returned to Springfield this week.  Both Chambers were in Session Tuesday through Thursday.  The focus this week has been on moving bills through the Committee process.  The Senate Committee Deadline is next Friday the 17th, with the House Committee Deadline on March 31st.

Weekly Legislative Summary – March 3rd, 2017

Only the Senate was in Session this week.  The Senate returned to Springfield Tuesday and adjourned on Thursday.  The Senate took up several measures intended to end the budget stalemate, but negotiations were halted when the Governor intervened.  It is unclear how the Senate will proceed with their budget negotiations.

Weekly Legislative Summary – January 27, 2017

The 100th General Assembly was sworn-in on January 11th, starting several weeks of reorganization.  The Senate has formed a new Telecommunications Committee, recognizing that the State’s Telecommunications Act is scheduled for a rewrite.  The House has made numerous changes to the committee structure, most significant for the Energy Industry is the elimination of the Special Committee on Renewable Energy and Sustainability. Committee membership has been finalized in the Senate, but not in the House.

The House and Senate both returned to Springfield on Tuesday of this week. The House was in Session Tuesday and Wednesday, with the Senate in Session Tuesday through Thursday.




Weekly Legislative Summary-May 13, 2016

The House and Senate returned to Springfield this week. Both Chambers wrapped up substantive committee work, with the committee deadline of the spring session on Friday the 13th.  Next week, the focus will shift towards floor action as the last 3rd reading deadline quickly approaches on May 27th.